Purchased from Japan by East West Helicopter Inc.  
     and its associate M&B Aircraft LLC as a AS350B.

     Assembled, converted to an AS350BA and imported to
     obtain FAA Certificate of Airworthiness by East West
     Helicopter Inc.

     Converted to an AS350B2 in conjunction with 
     Eurocopter Canada.

     Sold to Topeka Lifestar with a Panterra Heli Support
     Ltd. Custom completion.



     Aircraft was completely disassembled, the 12 year inspection
     completed and exterior paint stripped.

     Refinished to Topeka Lifestar specifications.


      Complete avionics design, integration, fabrication 
      and installation.


      Including communication, navigation Technosonic TFM500G
      FM radio,
weather & traffic systems and outer link satellite 
      tracking system.


     Complete Metro Aviation EMS medical interior, entailing 
     many options.

     Obtained multiple field approvals from the FAA.


      Delivered to customer's facility in Topeka, Kansas by our 
      company pilot.